Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica

About Dominica

Dominica's LocationDominica is a small (275 sq. mile) island located in the Eastern Caribbean, between the French islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe. With a population of 68,910, its main industries are tourism and agriculture.

Dominica's economic dependence is shifting to a greater reliance on service oriented small and medium enterprises. Hence, tourism is now the greater contributor to our foreign exchange earnings.

Country Profile in Brief

Aerial View of RoseauGeographic coordinates: 15 25 N, 61 20 W

Land Area: 754 sq km

Coastline: 148 km

Population: 68,910 (July, 2006)

Climate: tropical; moderated by northeast trade winds; heavy rainfall.

Terrain: rugged mountains of volcanic origin

Government: Parliamentary Democracy

Administrative Divisions: 10 parishes: Saint Andrew, Saint David, Saint George, Saint John, Saint Joseph, Saint Luke, Saint Mark, Saint Patrick, Saint Paul, Saint Peter.

Date of Independence: November 3, 1978

Legal System: Based on English common law.

Electricity: 220 volts.

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