Emerald Pool

The trail to Emerald Pool is located 3.5 miles north-east of Pont Cassé, near the road to Castle Bruce, and is the most accessible trail in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park.

Vegetation zones are determined by two main factors: climate and soil conditions. These zones occur in defined levels around our mountains. The ¾ mile loop trail to Emerald Pool passes through a Transition Zone of forest, and cannot be considered true Rain Forest or Montane Forest. Other trails in the Park have been established through rain forest and Elfin Woodlands.

As you move along the trail, note the prop roots of the Palmist, Mang Blan and Karapit trees; the large buttresses of the Chatannyé trees; and the pillar-like trunks of the Gommier trees. Other trees near the trail include Bwa Dyab, Bwa Bandé and Bwa Kòt. Also note the tree ferns.

Notice too, that there are relatively few shrubs, the majority of smaller plants being young trees. The massive canopy overhead shields out the sunlight. Hence, many vines strive upwards towards the light, while some send down their roots once they are established in the canopy.

Read the entire Emerald Pool (PDF, 7.4 MB) brochure.


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