Trafalgar Falls

Situated east of the picturesque village of Trafalgar is one of Dominica's most popular natural attractions: the Trafalgar Falls. A 10-minute walk will take the visitor to a viewing platform for a panoramic view of twin waterfalls which plunge about 125 ft and 75 ft respectively. A major rockslide in September 1995 buried the once popular hot springs and pools at the base of the waterfall to the left.

The once taller waterfall, i.e. the one to the left, is popularly referred to as the "Papa Falls" and the shorter, but stronger one is affectionately called the "Mama Falls"; they are both on tributaries of the Roseau River. The "Breakfast" River that hikers cross en route to Boiling Lake is one of those tributaries, and it tumbles into the shorter waterfall. The water that leaves the Freshwater Lake area flows through Ti-Tou Gorge before cascading in the Papa Falls.

As you walk the trail, note the orange coloration in the small spring that flows across the trail. This is caused by iron compounds in the clay and not by sulphur. Sometimes the water may be slightly warm, and this is further evidence of Dominica's volcanic origin. The stream coming from the hot springs at the base of the Papa Falls is much warmer.

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